> whoami

Hi !
I'm Timothee, your new fullstack consultant

> skills

Javascript, FP and everything relevant to you

I'm a Javascript/React (but not limited to) architect, a speaker and educator with years of experience.
I don't just complete user stories, I own your project from Day 1 and make it work for you.
Seeing the long run, easing maintenance and evolution of your project, while being nice, THIS is my job.

> experiences

Developper happiness, Scalable systems, Source of inspiration

I've had the chance to work with startups, big companies and individuals alike.
I'm known to be 120% dedicated, open with a sense of diplomacy.
From technical assessment to crafting a reusable component library, while designing database schemas and fixing production bugs, I've seen it all.

> values

Testing, Code as a craft, Limitless curiosity

Developpers from today will be remembered as the craftsman of tomorrow.
Via thorough automated testing, code reviews and collaboration, I fit your vision with impeccable code.
I'm always learning. ReasonML ? Check. Elixir ? Love it. UI/UX ? InDesign Genome is my bed reading.

> contact

Available onsite in MTL, remotely elsewhere

timothee (dot) clain (at) gmail (dot) com
514 dash 967 0216